Can I Turn Off Screenshots?

A reader is frustrated by accidental screenshots on their iPhone.

“Thank you for all of your good advice, my question is there any way to turn off screenshots on my iPhone 11? I am always accidentally taking screenshots that I have to go in and delete from my picture folder.”

Screenshots are triggered on an iPhone when you simultaneously press and hold the Side and Volume Up buttons briefly. Accidental screenshots have become more frequent since later phone models did away with the home button. You used to have to press it in combination with the side buttons. It’s much easier to accidentally press the side buttons in your pocket or purse.

Apple suggests you consider altering the way you hold your phone to avoid pressing those buttons together. Another option is to turn off the Raise to Wake feature.

Raise to Wake take your phone out of sleep mode whenever you physically lift it. To turn it off, open Settings.

Choose Display & Brightness. Slide Raise to Wake to the Off position.

This can help reduce the number of accidental screenshots.

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