How to make tamales

Tamales are one of my favorite things to eat. I’m an avid cook, but this isn’t a dish that’s in my wheelhouse, though I think it would be fun to try. I was happy to come across an article on the Bon Appetit website that gives step-by-step visual directions for creating this delicious food.

According to the folks at Bon Appetit, if I can spread peanut butter on a sandwich, I can make tamales. I certainly hope so.  The color photos show the process of creating the masa dough.


For me, the process of using corn husks in the cooking is intimidating, but these instructions make it less daunting.


There are complete instructions on how to assemble and then fold the tamale properly so that it stays together during the steaming process. You’ll also learn how to steam them using no special equipment (a ball of foil is the secret.)


You’ll find recipes for the filling and sauce for both chicken tamales with green sauce and pork with red sauce. They both sound delicious to me. I’m thinking tamales could be my contribution to the family Christmas buffet this year.

Click here to check it all out:

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