Scam Alert! Fake Bank & Health Insurance Accounts

close up shot of fake money

Another day, another twist on Facebook scams. This one attempts to trick you into signing up for a fraudulent bank account or health insurance service.

I spotted this post in a neighborhood group on Facebook. I’ve warned you previously that these groups are a favorite target of scammers. It promises all sorts of bonuses if you sign up for a banking service.

There’s even a promises that $1000 will be deposited into your account if you sign up for banking services. While many scammers target older people, this scam is more aimed at younger folks. Younger people are comfortable using a banking service without a physical location and used to signing up for things online.

If you follow the link, you’ll see what looks like a legit signup page for a bank account. However, this is not the actual site for Go2Bank. When you fill out the information, you’re actually giving it to scammers.

The company warned consumers to be on the lookout for scammers and to only interact with them through their official page.

Other than the idea that $1000 signing bonus is ridiculous for a bank account, there were other clues that this was a scam. I clicked on the profile of the person who posted it. Turns out they are a page rather than a person.

And according to the Page Transparency information, this account was created the day the post was made.

As always – be vigilant!

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