Facebook Marketplace Photos are Too Small

photo of laptop near plant

A reader wants some help enlarging the photographs of items for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

“Any suggestions to increase the size of photos of items for sale on FB marketplace?”

I’m going to assume you mean the items that are for sale, not items that you are posting for sale. I will warn you that you are kind of stuck with the photo size and resolution used by the seller that posted the item. If they used a tiny blurry image, that’s all you’re going to see.

However, there are ways to zoom in on photos. Let’s start with directions for viewing on a browser on your computer. Click on the picture to open it.

You can then use your browser’s zoom function or press Ctrl + to zoom in on the image. You could also right-click to save the picture and then open it in a program like Paint or Windows Photos to zoom in.

If you’re using a phone to view the item, tap the photo to open it.

Once the photo is open, you can pinch and zoom the touch screen to zoom in on the picture.

You should be able to zoom in pretty far depending on the resolution of the photo.

You could also choose to screenshot the item and then open it in your phone’s photo gallery. The same pinch and zoom move should let you get in pretty far.

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