Holiday Hint: Pull out a powerstrip

Here’s a hand hint if you’re expecting guests over Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, New Year’s, or any other holiday occasion. It’s especially important if you’ll be having guests.

Don’t forget to make arrangements to charge phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Taking photos, recording videos, and posting those photos to the Internet can take up a lot of battery power, as can texting friends and family. Kids will probably be really into playing their favorite games, and those tablets and phones can end up in the red zone fast.


Instead of dealing with everyone looking for a spare plug, why not designate a spot and plug in a powerstrip?  Pick somewhere safe where phones, tablets, and gaming devices won’t get stepped on or knocked off the edge of a table.

If guests are staying over, make sure to include adequate options for powering up in the guest room. If you know that someone might have to bring along a laptop to take care of work, think about clearing off some space to accommodate their computer, even if it’s just pulling out an old TV tray.  And not all tech is optional. Don’t forget about space for necessary medical devices like bi-pap or c-pap machines. I know from personal experience that finding a place to plug one in while visiting can be a challenge.

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