Set Firefox Home Page

A reader is not happy with her home page in Firefox browser.

” I use Firefox browser. When I first start this browser 4 different websites come up. How do I remove them? I only want my home page to come up when I start my browser.”

Fortunately, it’s a simple fix. It’s possible to select multiple start-up pages for Firefox, so it’s possible you may have done that at one time or another. Here’s how to fix it. Click the three-line menu bar at the top of your Firefox browser. Then click Settings from the drop-down menu.

Under General, make sure you haven’t ticked the box next to Open previous windows and tabs.

Then click on Home.

Under New Windows and Tabs you can choose what happens when you open Firefox. Under Homepage and new windows you’ll have the option to choose what you see for your homepage.

Click the drop-down arrow to choose the Firefox Home page, a blank page, or to set a custom page.

Click on Custom URLs to select the page you want. Make sure you don’t accidentally select Use current pages. That will set all currently open pages as your homepages. Enter the address of the page you wish to use. Or you could close all other pages and choose Use Current Pages. You can also select the page from your bookmarks.

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