What kind of phone do I have?

cheerful senior mother and adult daughter using smartphone together

A reader wants help identifying their phone operating system:

 “My telephone is a ZMAX10 I got from Consumer Cellular. Is this an Android phone or some other type? There is no problem with it, I just don’t know exactly what I have.”

A simple rule is that if it’s not an iPhone, it’s probably an Android phone.

All iPhones are manufactured by Apple and sold as iPhones. You will always be able to spot an Apple on the phone:

There are hundreds of customized versions of the Android operating system depending on the model of phone you’re using. Your Android home screen will likely look something like this:

 The ZMAX 10 is manufactured by Consumer Cellular and is considered value-priced compared to iPhones and high-end Samsung Android models, which can cost over $1000.

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