Use Sticky Keys To Save Your Hands

photo of person typing on computer keyboard

Ever have difficulty pressing multiple keys at the same time to perform a function on Windows? For example, Ctrl + Alt + Delete? Sticky keys allows you to press keys individually in sequences instead of attempting to depress multiple keys. This can be a great feature for those with limited mobility or hand injuries.

Many of us first become aware of the Sticky Keys feature when we accidentally tap the keys to activate it. To turn it on press the shift key 5 times in a row. You’ll hear a tone and this dialog will open. Click “yes” to activate.

Once it’s turned on, you can perform functions involving holding the Shift, Ctrl, Alt, or Windows Keys by pressing one key at a time. To turn off sticky keys, press the Shift, Ctrl, Alt, or Windows key three times in a row.

To turn off the shortcut or modify options, you can type Sticky keys into your windows search box and click on the result.

This window will open. You can choose to turn off the keyboard shortcut, play a sound when sticky keys are activated, or show the sticky keys icon in the taskbar.

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