A Couple of Facebook Scams

scam lettering text on black background

I’ve got a couple of Facebook scams to watch out for. The first one is another one of those silly posts that claims you can somehow update your feed or change Facebook’s algorithm by copying and pasting a post.

Nothing you do is going to get rid of ads on an ad-supported service. Copying and pasting this is just a waste of time. If you want to see more posts by your friends and favorite pages, interact with them. Hit the like button and leave comments.

Another is a giveaway scam that promises free donuts for everyone who comments and shares the post. Logically, it would be pretty expensive for a company to give several million people a box of donuts.

The real goal of pages like this is either to get your likes and shares to boost their posts in people’s feeds, then they can switch it up and sell something else or to hit you up with malicious links.

Closer examination reveals the page was created the day the first post was made.

Please don’t give these scammers the time of day.

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