Change Default Font in Word

A reader needs help changing the default font in Word:

“I’ve been using Microsoft Word to type documents, letters, etc.  I changed the font and size to what I like.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay that way the next time I type something new.  I googled how to make them my default and what the directions say to do, I don’t see it on myPC.  I go to Format/Font/Size and change it.  Then it says “select Default” and press Yes.  I do not see the word “default” anywhere in this box in order to set this.  Help!”

Thankfully, it’s not too difficult. Start by opening a document and clicking on the Home tab at the top.

Then click the little arrow to the right of Font in the top ribbon.

The font dialog box will open. Choose the font, size, and style you prefer.

Then click Set As Default at the bottom left, followed by OK.

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