The Best Password Managers of 2023

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Thinking about trying a password manager? Password managers simplify keeping track of your passwords by storing the credentials and making it easy for you to automatically log into accounts.

I’ve found a handy site that looks at 20 password managers to determine which one is the best for you. The site uses 4 criteria to judging the managers, including:

  • Security
  • Device Compatibility
  • Storage
  • Added Features

They review both free and paid password managers with the most expensive topping out at $20 per month. They go in-depth to offer reviews of 20 password managers.

There’s a good explanation as to how password managers work and the benefits to using them. However, the site doesn’t shy away from the downside of password managers. It goes into depth about recent security breaches and the security flaws that caused them.

Click this link to learn more:

The Best Password Managers of 2023 | Password Manager

One thought on “The Best Password Managers of 2023

  1. Great article, Cynthia, although a caveat should be included.

    The article is dated December 6th. This was roughly two weeks before LastPass finally disclosed that its August 2023 breech resulted in hackers’ obtaining a LastPass employee’s login credentials. That allowed them to download copies of actual customer password vaults. Albeit encrypted, LastPass’ customers were suddenly on the hook for their own security based on how strong their master password was.

    Based on the delay tactics, deceptive communications and lax security procedures (aka, only knowing about the breach long after the fact and not stopping it in progress), many security experts have recommended LastPass users stop using the service, switch to another and immediately change EVERY password in their vault.

    This is a bitter pill for me, personally, as our LastPass Families subscription renewed in November. Had we been made aware of the full extent of the breech before that, we would never have renewed. We’ve since moved to Dashlane (and I’m going to set up hardware keys) and started changing our credentials… starting with financial/shopping accounts and working our way down the priority list.

    Password managers are still very important and are critical to strong, computer-generated random passwords used on only one website. LastPass, however, should be removed from consideration by anyone seeking a password manager as an online security enhancement.

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