The Gallery of Emerging Species

I discovered this while looking at sites that won design awards and can’t wait to share it with you!  The Gallery of Emerging Species is brought to you by Play-Doh and is full of whimsy.

When you arrive at the site, click Start to enter. This will whisk you away to the gallery where you can meet all the emerging species.

Your next step is to click on the creature that interests you the most. There you’ll get a close-up of the creature and a David Attenborough style narration about the emerging species.

I started with the unicorn-like creature to discover it was a Pesticorn! This creature spends its time slandering other animals! Next, I headed to the giant Airbivore. As you investigate these critters you can scroll up and down the page to see more of them or use the x at the bottom of the page to close out and go back to the gallery.

This site was so much fun to visit that I’ve already shared it with all my friends and family. Go see the gallery for yourself today!


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