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Yesterday, we downloaded and installed the new Brave Browser, which offers private browsing and the ability to reward the people behind your favorite websites.  You can click here if you want to read that article.

Today, Let’s get acquainted with Brave. Here’s what the browser looks like when you open it up.

At the top, it looks similar to other browsers that you’re familiar with. You’ll see a tab for the page you have open and an address bar. You can type a search term or a web address into the field. To open a new tab, hit the + sign. To close a tab, hit the x.  Brave will suggest that you set it as your default browser, but you don’t have to.  I also have folders for the bookmarks that I imported from other browsers in the Bookmark bar.

The arrows at the left will take you forward and back and the circular icon will refresh the page. Click the bookmark symbol next to the address field to bookmark the page.


You can select a folder for your bookmark or have it appear on the Bookmarks bar at the top. Click on the More button for editing options or to create a new folder for bookmarks.

Click on the lock icon next to the name of the site to see more information.


To the far right, you’ll find two unique features of Brave – Shields and Rewards.


Click on the lion icon for Shields.  You’ll see what the Brave shields are blocking. If a site isn’t working properly, you can move the orange slider button to turn shields off.

Click on Learn more for additional details.


The triangle symbol is for Brave Rewards. If you haven’t signed up, you’ll be prompted to join. It’s entirely voluntary. I’ll get more into how that all works in another article.


To the far right, you’ll find the three-line menu icon with a lengthy drop-down menu.

You’ll be able to find many important settings at the bottom of your start page as well. Dashboard settings, preferences, bookmarks, and browsing history can all be accessed from here.

In the next part of our series, we’ll dive a little deeper into these options.

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