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A reader has a question about downloading videos.

“I always hear people referencing downloading YouTube videos now with the censoring of truth..  I have not seen any good directions for doing it.  Of course it would be a video with no sort of “copyright”   I would like to know how to do that.  Maybe there might be more than one way?  When I think of downloading that tells me you end up with it on your own computer?  Just like downloaded documents. Is that how it works?”

First, I’ll answer your question about the term ‘download.’ Downloading means saving a copy of to your device from the cloud. So, whether it’s a document or music or a video, downloading means it will be saved to your device.

An interesting thing to know is there doesn’t have to be a formal copyright for someone to have ownership of something they create. There’s a presumption of ownership from the moment a book, play, song, or video is created. While a formal copyright gives a little more teeth if you want to sue, it’s not necessary to something to belong to its creator.

Services like YouTube and Facebook recognize this. It is a violation of the terms of use to download any material you did not create. You could end up losing your Gmail account over a violation.

If someone wants to post their own creation on a site for you to download, that’s perfectly fine. Or they can email or message it to you. If someone wants you to download a video, there would probably be some type of download button on the page.

For example this downloadable video from the Special Olympics press kit has a live link showing the file type that I can just click to view.

When I right-click on the video, there’s an option to save.

If you want to grab a screen recording to something as evidence or because you fear it might be deleted, you can use the game bar on Windows 10.

Here’s how it works. Go to the screen you want to record and press the Windows Key + the letter G.

Your screen will go dark and these controls will pop up.

Here’s the one, you’ll want to concentrate on.

Click on the Record icon to start the recording.

The Capture Status bar will pop up on the screen. Just click on the screen and do whatever you need to record.

Click the Stop icon when you’re finished.

You’ll get this notification that the video has been captured.

You’ll find your capture in your Video library in a file called Captures.

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