3 Free Streaming Services That Can Replace Netflix

We’ve got 3 free services to replace Netflix and other costly subscription-based services. Cutting the cord was supposed to save you money but it doesn’t seem to work out that way. If you sign up for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Paramount Plus you’ll soon find yourself paying $60 bucks a month for streaming services in addition to your Internet bill.

Thankfully, there are some great, free services out there that offer thousands and thousands of hours of movies and TV shows. Some even offer original programming.

To use these services, you’re going to need an Internet connection. As with all streaming services, it needs to be a decent one to prevent buffering. You can watch programming on your computer, tablet, phone, or TV. To watch on a television, you’ll need a Smart TV that allows you to install apps or a streaming device like Amazon Fire, Roku, or Chromecast.

Let’s check out the three free services that may be able to replace Netflix.

Pluto TV

When I purchased a new smart TV, the Pluto TV app was included, so I checked out what this amazing free app has to offer. Pluto.TV has over 250 channels of shows, movies, and music.

You don’t need a smart TV to watch Pluto.TV. You can watch from your phone, tablet, a browser on your PC or Mac, or from a streaming device like a Roku, Amazon FireTV, or Apple TV. Basically, you can watch it anywhere as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection.

For your tablet or phone, just go to the app store and look for Pluto TV. The app is free to install. Same for your streaming box, just go to the app store and look for Pluto TV. To use on your computer, click here to go to Pluto.tv.

There are hundreds of channels in dozens of categories including News, Movies, Reality, Home & DYI, and so much more.  Check out the movie channel lineup offering classic films, horror, comedy, westerns, and more.

You’ll also see channels devoted entirely to a single program like Dark Shadows, Beverly Hills 90210, Leverage, Star Trek, and more. If you enjoy binge-watching this is the perfect place. The channel lineup changes every few months, so there’s always something new to check out.

I could honestly get lost in this app for the rest of my life. There are a few drawbacks.  You will have to put up with commercials to enjoy the programming. Most Pluto programming airs live, so you have to catch it when it’s on just like in the old day. And they really don’t give you a lot of information about the upcoming schedule. You just have to show up and watch what’s on. It feels like my childhood again, only with way more than three channels to choose from.

There are some on-demand programming options as well.

Amazon FreeVee

Amazon FreeVee (formerly IMDBTV) Offers thousands of programs and movies to stream. You can watch on your computer, phone, or tablet or on a Fire TV streaming device or your Fire tablet.

Like Pluto TV, there are commercials.

Stream movies like Twilight, Kung Fu Panda, Easy Rider, and more. You’ll find dozens of classic and contemporary TV shows to choose from.  IMDB.tv also offers original programming.

Explore the Hidden Gems category to discover films you might have missed. I also enjoyed the impressive Documentaries section.

Crackle TV

Crackle TV also offers thousands of programming choices to watch online at Crackle.com or on the Crackle app.  There is an extensive library of classic TV shows including 21 Jump Street, 3rd Rock From The Sun All In The Family, Barney Miller, Bewitched, Doc Martin, Facts of Life, Forensic Files and much, much more.

Choose from multiple movie categories including Action, Children, Classic Comedy, Documentary, Thriller, and more. Crackle also produces original content.

Between these three free services, you’ll have thousands of hours of programming to replace expensive subscription services like Netflix.

3 thoughts on “3 Free Streaming Services That Can Replace Netflix

  1. None of these is available in Australia. Other readers not in the USA might find they are not available in their country as well.

  2. Good article. I currently have a Roku box and pay for Britbox for content. I still have Comcast too, which I would like to dump. I would like you to rewrite your article assuming no viewing includes advertising, which I can no longer tolerate.
    How do I keep content providers I might want, like Britbox, Acorn, or Netflix, dump Comcast and still get live TV with some sort of DVR for fast forwarding through advertising?

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