Shutterfly ends sharing sites

Photo Album - Woven Cover, Displaced Persons Camp Craft circa 1945-1946

Shutterfly is ending photo sharing sites, so if you’ve been taking advantage of that service to share images with friends and family, it’s time to download those pictures or lose them forever.

According to a statement from the company, “Effective March 27, 2023, all Share Sites will be deactivated, and users will  
no longer have access to Share Sites content.

So what should you do if you have important images stored on their servers? If you have an active Shutterfly account, you can choose to store the images there.

Start by clicking on the Pictures and Videos Tab – then choose Save Albums from the drop-down menu.

Choose Save All to save all photos and then click Save.

Name your new album and hit Save again.

If you’re the owner of the sharing site or the owner has given you permission, you can also download the images individually. Open the image and click the pencil icon on the right. Choose Download from the drop-down menu.

One thought on “Shutterfly ends sharing sites

  1. If I can follow the steps you’ve provided, will I still be able to share albums with others?
    And, what is an active account? is this a step Shutterfly is taking to start charging for the ability to share albums with others?

    Thank you for this very important information

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