Garbage Cat

white cat with blue and green eyes

As the owner of multiple cats, I can appreciate the idea behind this game. It seems like no matter when I go to bed, the cats decide NOW is a great time to fight, knock stuff over, meow, careen into things, or scratch things.

In the game, you play a cat at three in the morning who is trying to wake its owner up.

The controls are simple: use z to meow, use x to scratch things, and the arrow keys to move.

Will you knock over the lamp? Or will you spill coffee on the human’s laptop while scratching and meowing? Or maybe you’ll go for the pièce de résistance and knock everything off those shelves?

Either way this is a fun game that you can use to kill some time! Check it out today!


2 thoughts on “Garbage Cat

  1. Won’t let me pay until I “support the game”. When you click on the support the game button, a pop up comes up with dollar amts that you can pay using PayPal. No mention of this in Amanda’s article. 🙁 This game didn’t seem worth paying for.

    1. You don’t have to support the game. Just press Z or X on your keyboard to start. The arrow keys move the cat and Z and X are actions for the cat.

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