Improved Sticky Notes

I’ve told you about the Windows Sticky Notes app before. With the latest Windows update, Microsoft has added a couple of new features that you’ll want to check out.

To open Sticky Notes, search for it in the Windows search box and click on the results.

You can sign into Windows and be able to sync your notes across multiple devices. If you’d prefer not to sync, just click Not now.


To create a new note, click the + sign at the top left. When the note opens, just start typing.

Notes will display in a list and you can search for them as well. Notes used to automatically delete when you closed them. Now they stay available until you choose to delete them.


To change the note color, click the three-dot menu icon at the top of the note.

Then choose the color you prefer.


At the bottom of the note, you can choose to make text bold or italic and add underline, strikethrough, and bullet points.

Click on the image icon to add an image to the note.

From the three-dot menu icon, you can also choose to see your notes list or delete the note.


From your Notes list, you can access Settings by clicking the gear icon.


You’ll have several options. If you choose to enable insights, Cortana will be able to give you reminders and suggestions based on your notes. You can also make sure you have to confirm any attempt to delete a note.

The color option allows you to view the app in light or dark mode or always have the app match your Windows mode.


As long as the note is open, it will stay on your desktop, even if you turn your PC off. The note will be waiting when you turn your PC back on.


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