Facebook: when to tag

Yesterday, I walked you step-by-step through the process of tagging someone on Facebook

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Tagging is mentioning someone in a post or photograph in a way that creates a link to their profile. They’ll be alerted that they’ve been mentioned. Depending on their settings, their friends may also be able to see the post.

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So, when is it appropriate to tag someone? It’s usually considered good form to tag friends when they are featured in a phone or video. That way they’ll be notified it’s available and able to see it on their timeline.

However, some people are touchy about being tagged in images they don’t feel are particularly flattering.

Tagging someone when you share an image or link is a way to alert them about if you think they might be particularly interested in the content. But only do that if you really think it’s something you know the person is going to care about.

You don’t want to be that person who tags 45 friends in everything she posts. It’s the Facebook equivalent of sending random email forwards to forty friends.

Tagging someone can be a good way to thank them for a thoughtful gift or a good time. You might perhaps tag relatives in a photo of a child or family event.

Don’t use tagging for things that might better be discussed in private messages. Posting “Grandpa’s had a heart attack” and tagging twenty-five people isn’t the most sensitive thing in the world to do.

Also, if it’s important that the person see what you’ve posted, it might be best to message them directly.

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