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Here’s a term you hear a lot if you use Facebook, but might not necessarily understand completely: Tagging.

Tagging is mentioning someone in a post or photograph in a way that creates a link to their profile. They’ll be alerted that they’ve been mentioned. Depending on their settings, their friends may also be able to see the post. In the example below, I’ve tagged my husband in a post.


You can tell it’s a tag with a link because his name is in blue instead of black.


There are multiple ways to tag someone in a post. The simplest way is to just start typing their name with an @ in front of it. You’ll receive suggestions for friends or pages to choose from. Click or tap on the person you wish to tag.


The name will appear in a blue box.


Here’s a comparison of a name that isn’t tagged next to one that is.


In addition to tagging people in posts, you may also mention them in comments on other posts with the same method.

You can also tag people in a post by clicking on the tagging icon.

Just start typing their name and select it from the drop-down menu.


When you open a photo, you’ll notice the option to tag people as well.

Click on the tag icon, then click on the person you wish to tag. You can start typing their name and select the person you wish to tag from the drop-down menu.


When someone is tagged in a post, they’ll receive a notification.

mentioned in comment.jpg

Now that we’ve talked about how to tag, we can discuss the issue of when it’s appropriate to tag. We’ll go over some rules for tagging tomorrow.

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