Google Privacy Dashboard

If you have an Android device or Chromebook or use services Gmail, YouTube , Chrome Browser, or search using the Google search engine, you’ll want to know this handy shortcut for checking up on your Google Privacy settings.

There’s a handy one-stop site that allows you an overview of your Google Account.

Click here to see it:

You’ll need to log in with your Gmail address.

Let’s start by clicking on Privacy & Personalization.


You can start by reviewing privacy suggestions.

You’ll be walked through each of your privacy settings, with explanations of what they do and how you can manage them.


Or just scroll down the page to History Settings. You’ll be able to see what type of information Google keeps about your activities. In some cases, you can clear the information and disable their ability to collect it.

You can also review your recent activity involving Google devices and services. Not only can you see your own activity, but if you suspect someone else is using your account, you can check to see what’s been going on. You also have the option of downloading the data about your activity.


Keep scrolling and you’ll see options for controlling ad personalization and managing your storage and data.


There’s also a dashboard from which to manage your web preferences like language and accessibility options. Plus a spot to access all the reservations you’ve made using either Gmail or your Google voice assistant.

gmail reservations.jpg

This is an incredibly handy dashboard for managing your Google services.

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