How to Cool Yourself Without Air Conditioning

It’s really starting to heat up in this part of the U.S. But with the sun comes humidity that can make it uncomfortable really quick. We’re trying to go as long as we can at my house without putting in our window unit air conditioner, so I decided to do some research for other ways to stay cool and ran across this awesome wiki. 

The wiki is divided into two parts that they label Methods.

Method One talks about how you can cool your actual body down. It offers eight in-depth tips to help you keep cool. 

Method Two talks about keeping your house cool.  It offers a whopping seventeen tips to keep your home cool. 

After you scroll through the two methods, you’ll realize that “Wait! There’s more!” Beneath the methods you’ll find a Tips section offering more ways to stay cool, and a handy Warnings section that talks about things like drought and the special precautions that children and the elderly should take during periods of extreme heat. 

Check it out today, and learn how to stay cool!


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