Can’t Access Yahoo Mail

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A reader is having an issue with Yahoo and Gmail.

“I have recently run into a problem sending mail from to My wife’s tablet won’t let her access her Yahoo email Since she switched to a Gmail address I have problems forwarding from to her Gmail .com address. I tells me her Gmail account does not exist, yet her emails to me come through with no problem. I can’t find a simple way to fix this. Yahoo does not reply, and Google has no direct access. . Any Ideas or solutions an amateur can figure out?”

First, you should be able to access your wife’s Yahoo account from her tablet. The email client on the tablet, even if she’s using the Gmail app.

Here’s how to do it if she’s using the Gmail app. Click on the Gmail app.

Tap the icon at the upper right, which should be her initial or a photo.

Then tap on Add another account.

Yahoo email should pop up as one of the options.

Enter your Yahoo username and password and follow directions.

If you’re getting an error saying the Gmail account doesn’t exist, I can almost guarantee you it’s because the address is entered incorrectly. There’s either a type or an extra space or hidden character you’re not seeing. Try copying your wife’s email address exactly (make sure to leave out the carats)

Let me know if this works.

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