The Most Popular Halloween Candy by State

With Halloween coming up fast, here’s a fun site to check out. It breaks down the most popular Halloween candy in each state.

Who would have guessed that saltwater taffy would lead the pack in landlocked Wyoming or that Swedish Fish are more popular than Reese’s Cups in Kentucky?

When you arrive on the site, you’ll see this interactive map.


Click on any state to see the most popular candy and the runners up.

The information is courtesy of They base it 12 years worth of bulk candy delivery data to each state.  Scroll down the page for more fun facts about Halloween candy. Did you know that full-sized bars are the norm in Oregon? Or that the average person spends $25 on Halloween candy?

You’ll also find a state-by-state data table breaking down which candies are the most popular and how much is given out.


Click here to check this sweet site out:

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