The easy aquarium

I love to watch a peaceful aquarium, but we’ve always had zero luck in keeping fish alive. (I once successfully resuscitated a beta, though. He made it another 18 months.) I am lucky enough to live near the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium, so I sometimes stroll over there when the weather is nice and plop down on a bench in front of the tropical reef tank. But when I’m not up to the walk or the crowds, I enjoy this option: The live tropical fish camera at the Aquarium of the Pacific featured on

aquarium of pacific.jpg

This particular tank features sea life found off the coast of Palau. The fish and coral are in a rainbow of bright and beautiful colors.  Scroll down to learn interesting facts about the aquarium and the featured fish. In this tank, many of the fish feature the ability to swap genders.


There’s also a fairly active comments section where fish fans discuss the tank.

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