Wow! Look what MS Paint does now

multicolored abstract painting

Microsoft has added an awesome new feature to MS Paint that make the decades old program more powerful than ever. One big feature missing from Paint is the ability to drop out an unwanted background.

With the latest Insider Preview of Windows, Paint gains that function and more. Right now, only members of the Windows Insider program have the feature, but it should roll out to everyone soon. Let’s take a look at how it works.

When I open Paint as usual, I see a new option in my menu.

Click on the Remove background tool.

And you’ll instantly drop out the background of the image you’re editing. Paint uses artificial intelligence to decide what to take out. It wasn’t exactly perfect with this image.

I think it did a little better with this one.

This feature is still new and undergoing development. It will be interesting to see how MS refines it based on user feedback.

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