Will people ever stop sharing this scam?

four dogs on pink background

I’ve alerted my readers over and over and over again about these lost dog scams the fakers keep posting over and over again in groups. These could be neighborhood groups, for sale groups, for rent groups, or any other online community.

But people keep sharing them. Here’s an example of some scam copy shared all over the country with different pictures.

One things these crooks have in common is they always ask you to bump up the post. Here’s the same words in a different neighborhood group with a different picture.

And what do you know. Same story, different town and different dog.

But wait, there’s more. I’ve found this picture used in at least seven other posts claiming this dog was found all over the country.

Scammers just take the copy and fill in the name of the town where the group they are scamming is located. Oftentimes you will see a hashtag in the copy. That’s to remind the scammer to change the name of the town to suit their post.

The goal is to have their posts shared a lot, which means any future posts they make will be featured prominently in the group. This is also a good way for crooks to find people to target for future scams. Stop helping them!

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