How to get rid of McAffe Ads

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A reader is getting bombarded by McAfee Advertising:

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been invaded by McAfee antivirus advertising and I can’t find  a way to permanently block or elimiate them. I personally do not like McAfee and or their pricing. I already have an antivirus program I like and use frequently. How in the heck do I end McAfee so I don’t have to deal with it again? 

I checked my add /remove programs and can’t find it to remove it; added to that I am not savvy in computer programming to wipe it off my  computer. I dislike this program so much since their advertising won’t go away when you click not interested, close etc.,  Partly because it blocks half of my email screen and reroutes to their advertising. Every time I think I have shut it down, only to have it return with a vicious vibe!!!!!!!! 

My first thought would be that you’re seeing nudges to upgrade or renew a free version of McAfee that came on your PC. If it were installed on your PC, removing would be as simple as opening Installed Apps in Settings, searching for the program, clicking the 3-dot icon at the right, and choosing Uninstall. Make sure you’re spelling McAfee correctly. And if you search by scrolling, remember all programs are not in alphabetical order.

However, since you say it’s not installed on your PC, I wonder if you haven’t accidentally enabled notifications from McAfee in your browser. You could have accidentally ended up on their website an when the pop-up offering notification came up, you might have hit enable instead of block. It happens all the time. Here’s how to fix it in Chrome


Open Chrome, click the three-dot menu icon at the top right and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


When Settings opens, choose Privacy and Security.

Scroll down to Site Settings.

Then scroll down to Notifications. 

You can block all notifications by ticking the box next to Don’t allow sites to send notifications.

Or, if you’d like to continue to receive some notifications, you can scroll down and add sites that are permitted to send notifications.

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