Microsoft Silverlight

If you’re on the Web regularly, you have probably heard of Adobe Flash (or Macromedia Flash), Adobe Shockwave (or Macromedia Shockwave) and Microsoft Silverlight. Oh, you’ve never heard of Silverlight? Well, it’s Microsoft’s attempt to rival Adobe in its Flash and Shockwave playing fields. Who knew?!

So, what does that mean for you, the user? Basically, if you don’t have Silverlight, you’ll need to install it just like any other application. Yes, it will take up some of your hard drive space, but trust me, it’s worth it!

Here’s how to install Silverlight:

1.) First, head on over to this Web site:

2.) Select Install.

3.) You’ll then be prompted to run the .exe file, so go ahead and click Run.

4.) After a couple of questions, Silverlight will begin installing!

5.) When it’s finished, you’ll need to restart your browser in order for Silverlight to start working.

That’s it! Now, you need to make sure you clean out the rest of your hard drive regularly. Before Silverlight becomes a big thing, it’s acceptable to uninstall the program after you’ve used it and then easily install it again later. However, in the future, it might be just as practical to leave Silverlight on your hard drive, so you’ll need to be sure you have enough room for it. Either way, I hope you enjoy this one!

~ Brandon Zubek