What Time Is It There?

Do you frequently work with people from different time zones?

Maybe you live on the East Coast, but you end up making a lot of phone calls to the West Coast. If so, do you find yourself wondering if it’s too early to call?

Well, if you’re also a user of MS Outlook’s calendar, I have some helpful information for you!

Within just a few minutes, you can set Outlook’s calendar to display two different time zones at once, allowing you to find out what time it is somewhere else with just a quick glance.

So, if you’re interested in this one, here’s what you need to know.

You need to go to the Options dialogue window through the Tools menu, Options choice.

Under the Preferences tab, you’re looking for the Calendar Options button. Click it.

In the Calendar Options dialogue window, you need to locate and click on the Time Zone button.

The Time Zone dialogue window will then open, with the first section already filled in with the time zone Windows is using.

It’s the bottom section you’re interested in:

You need to check the option for “Show an additional time zone” to make that section active.

Once you have it activated, choose a second time zone using the down arrow list.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the Label field (just above the Time Zone field). Make sure each one is labeled, because they’ll be displayed side by side on the calendar.

The top time zone will immediately be next to your calendar day and the bottom one will be to the left of the first.

If you want to switch them so that your second time zone appears closest to the calendar, don’t waste your time resetting them. Just click on the Swap Time Zones button in the bottom left hand corner.

Everything set to your liking?

Good! Now, you can begin the process of clicking OK to get back to Outlook.

Once you’re there, you’ll want to go to the calendar feature and take a look. Obviously, the monthly view does not display times for each day, but if you display several days, you should see something like this:

One calendar day and two time zones displayed with the labels at the top so that you know what’s what!

~ April