What Happens When My Accounts Convert To Outlook.com?

David from California writes:

I have one computer with XP and another with windows 7 both sharing a Live Mail account that was formerly Outlook Express. The XP computer also has three pop 3 website email accounts within the same Live Mail program and the windows 7 has the Medicap Hotmail account and one POP 3 also within it. If I now convert the windows 7 MSN account to the new free Outlook you speak of, what will be the impact on the pop 3 accounts within each computer and will the windows 7 conversion affect the XP computer with Live Mail? Should I convert both to the new Outlook? I appreciate your input. Thank you in advance.

David, if you have an MSN account, Hotmail or  Live Mail account, you’ve already been converted to the new Outlook.com.  Microsoft changed all of their web-based mail to Outlook.com, though they did not change the e-mail addresses. So, if you haven’t noticed anything different, there will be no effect at all.

Since you are using an e-mail client to download your messages to your computer, you may not have noticed the changeover at all. If you were to look at your web-based e-mail account on line, you would notice that it now has a very different look.

~ Cynthia

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  1. We currently have RR which loads on our comp. Outlook express.I have XP and 2007 MS office which also has Outlook which I’m not using. My comp has crashed a couple of times in 13 yrs do to hardware breakdowns. I lost all my emails and saved emails. If we switch to outlook within office will I be able to save / backup these emails?

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