This site is so much fun!!! I’ve found three different uses for it so. At Party Cloud you can unleash your inner DJ and make your own mashups of songs, create your mix of a single song, or just pick a playlist and let it play! Using the iWebDJ mixer and music from SoundCloud you get this awesome site PartyCloud. 

Okay so let’s dive right in and get you to mixing music ASAP! 

When you arrive, you’ll land on a pre-loaded, random playlist of songs from the Hot Songs category. You can pick two songs from the list by selecting A for and B for the other and then play with the mixing tools at the top of the page to create a mashup. You can just pick one song and mix it. You can click on a tag to mix songs from a certain genre of music. Or you can use the handy search engine and see if you can find a certain song to play around with. You can even just search a term and see what other lists exist out there for that keyword. You’ll find the search field at the bottom left of the interface above the featured lists and tags. 

Once you’ve picked your song or songs, you’ll use the mixer at the top of the page to lay down your beats! To help you get the most out of your mixing experience, I went searching to find some handy tutorials for the mixer. You can check out this video. The interface is a little different in the Party Cloud instead of a Beat Match button you’ll use the Sync button. To get a great sounding mix, you want the beats to match. So pick out some songs and hit those sync buttons!

Each side of the mixer offers the same options: a BPM slider (beats per minute,  I’m guessing), the turn table (if you drag your mouse around the record the music will go backwards or forwards bases on your movement), loop options, sound effect options, and the mid, the bass, and the filter dials in the center.

In the center you’ll also find things that affect both songs at the same time like the record button, and volume slider (in the center position they’ll have equal volume, if you use the slider it will give prominent volume the track you slide towards (track one to the left, track two to the right). 

I can spend hours mixing single tracks or mashing up tracks and recording them, but I also like to put on the automix and do housework. It really gets me pumped up and helps me maintain high energy while I clean! 

So what are you waiting for? Go try your hand at DJing for free today!