Will My Security Software Work In XP After Microsoft Support Ends?

Max from Virginia writes:

When Microsoft ends support for Windows XP, will antivirus and firewall programs such as Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes remain effective so us faithful XP users can still feel safe?

Your programs won’t stop working. But, there’s a very big catch. There will be no more security updates from Microsoft. So there will be no fixes for new threats. Third-party security services are saying they cannot promise to keep XP safe after Microsoft stops supplying updates. 

This will make XP systems a prime target for hackers.  You could choose to stay off the Internet entirely (no web surfing and no e-mail) and not add any new files to your computer, just in case they’ve been infected. But that’s really not practical.

XP faithful shouldn’t feel safe with their systems.  Extended support ends for XP on April 8, 2014.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I thought that was an excellant tip. I had never thought of the anti-virus programs not being updated. I finally let my XP go. I like Windows 7 just as well now that I’m used to it. I’ll have to get on board with Windows 8 too as time goes by but I’m not ready yet.

    1. Julie, Microsoft won’t be providing any support for XP. Your Security Software will still work, but without input from Microsoft they won’t have security information for XP. So while it will defend against previously known threats to XP, there will be not defense for new threats.

  2. Not entirely correct. There are 3rd party outfits contracting with large corporations to supply XP security support for businesses that will not be finished transitioning from XP by April. They will provide patches that Microsoft in NO way supports–but since Microsoft will not be supporting XP anyway that is a moot point! These services will likely be available to consumers as well, but it may not be cost effective for an individual.

    1. True, but right now we know of no security software for the home user that is promising to keep Windows XP machines safe after the end of Microsoft Support.

      1. Moreover, paying patch maintenance to keep some old clunker running just for surfing/email is probably not a wise decision for most consumers. But such solutions do exist. Keep in mind Microsoft itself never promised to keep XP safe except in a REactive manner, and that’s all these 3rd party solutions will do as well. Those to whom “safe” is of paramount importance might want to consider a different OS altogether.

  3. Thanks for the informative article as always in Window tips, already running Window 7 Ultimate at home and at work too, liked a lot the 8.1 and hope to shift in coming time with our new Pentium i7 machine. Me and my family and my company we all stay in the Digital world always up to date as not to compromise with Virus and hackers all around.

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