Yahoo! Mail: How Do You Cc and Bcc?

David Watertown, CT writes:

I read about how to compose an email using the new Yahoo Mail in your Oct. 28 Tech Tips, but there was no mention of how to Cc: or Bcc:. How can that be done?

 A lot of people not too happy with the new Yahoo Mail. There are some features missing that people really liked. Fortunately the ability to copy and blind copy are not among the missing features.

Open Yahoo Mail and choose Compose.

Your new, blank e-mail will open.

 Look to the far right of the message.

You’ll see the option to CC in faint gray lettering.

Select CC and the CC line will appear in your message.

You will also see the option to BCC

Select BCC and it will also appear in the message. You can also choose to hide those options.

~ Cynthia

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