No Office For iPad? No Problem! hopTo Offers Free Productivity Suite

iPad users tired of waiting for a version of Office for iPad may want to check hopTo which brings an all-in-one productivity suite and ability to access and search content across their own “personal cloud.”

Users will be able to create and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files using the cloud as well as view PowerPoint files. The app also promises the ability to browse photos, search across cloud and PC storage and one-click sharing and viewing of documents.

The CEO of hopTo talked up the app, calling it  “The most powerful mobile productivity app available to the tens of millions of iPad users, elevating their tablet to an extensive personal and business mobile productivity solution.”

Unlike Office, it does not offer access to the Microsoft SkyDrive, but it does offer support for Dropbox and Google Drive and the ability to access documents and files on your Windows PC remotely.

Best of all for iPad users, it’s free in the Apple App Store and boasts a 4-star customer rating. So, if you’ve got an iPad, you might want to give it a try.

~ Cynthia

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