How Do I Get Rid Of Reading List?

Gary from California writes:

I use a MacBook Pro, and am trying to find out how to reverse a display change in Safari that just showed up one day, without any action on my part that I can recall.  I now have a column that I don’t want, apparently named ‘Reading List’,   It takes about 20% of my screen, which makes it impossible to read most copy margin-to-margin at the text size that I find comfortable.  There are instructions for adding to this list, but I have yet to find instructions about how to remove it or hide it.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Safari’s Reading List makes it easy to save pages and articles that you’d like to read later. It’s a little like a bookmark and a little bit like a reader such as Pulse. If you’d prefer not to have that column displayed, it’s easy enough to get rid of.

First open Safari, then choose Preferences from the drop-down menu.

Click on Bookmarks, then place check on Include Reading List — the eyeglass icon then appears in the Bookmarks Bar at the top of the page.

Left click on the Eyeglass icon, and the Reading List column will disappear.

~ Melanie

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