I came across an interesting app for Windows 8.1.  Normally, I highlight free apps, but I’ll let you know up front this one costs a whopping $2.50, though there is a free trial available. It’s called Package Tracker. Now if you’re someone who receives or sends a lot of packages with multiple carriers, this could be a great resource for you.

This tool checks in on the delivery status of your packages. No more having to visit the Fed Ex site, then UPS and then the Post Office. Or trying to remember what service your package is arriving by. In fact, this app supports more than 60 carriers. 

It also pushes live updates right to your live tiles. So if you happen to be using the Metro/Modern screen, any updates in delivery status will pop right up there if you’d like.

It also comes with a barcode scanner for scanning labels.

Plus it includes a map showing the the last known position of your package.

There are features than allow you to share tracking numbers and generate package status e-mails. That’s a great feature if you happen to ship a lot of packages and want to keep customers updated. 

Like most Windows 8.1 apps, it is very nice to look at and the interface is pretty user-friendly.


To find Package Tracker, just head on over to the Windows Store on your Windows 8.1 device or your Windows Phone.

~ Cynthia