Anna writes:

I just got a new computer and it is horror of all horrors, an 8.1. I did buy your DVD, so first, thank you for that big help!!!! I lost my outlook express and cannot find out, how to get it back. I hate going to webmail and signing in every time I want to read and or send my emails. Is there any way, I can get my outlook express back???
Thanks for any help! Anna, one of your daily readers.

Anna, you can’t get Outlook Express back, but you do still have a great free mail app with Windows 8.1 that performs the same tasks as Outlook Express. If you’re in the Metro screen with the tiles, just start typing Mail or open the search charm and type Mail. Then click on the Mail icon.

Once in mail, swipe from the right or move your mouse pointer to the upper-right corner to see the charms bar, then choose settings.

Then select accounts

Click or tap on Add  an account.



 You’ll see options for adding popular services like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft Exchange.

Choose one of those options and you’ll need to put in your username and password for that account.  Or you can choose Other account to add something like a Verizon or Comcast e-mail address.  First you’ll choose whether or not you want an EAS or IMAP account (you’ll probably want IMAP, unless you’re fetching e-mail from a Microsoft Exchange Server at work.)

Next, you’ll need to add your e-mail address and password along with information about the mail server for your provider. If you aren’t sure what the server information is, you can call customer service for you ISP or look on their website. 

Then connect and you’ll have an e-mail client similar to Outlook Express for reading and sending messages.

~ Cynthia