If you have a metered internet connection, where you are charged by your actual usage, and you’ve noticed that you are being billed more than your average usage, it could be because your PC is downloading heavy updates in the background without your prior confirmation. There is a way in Windows 8.1 to turn off these heavy downloads and save your data usage. Follow these steps:

 Search for PC Settings in the search charm and click on the result :


You will then find a number of options on the left hand side of the screen. From the list of options, click ‘Network’.


On the next screen, you will find some network connections. Click the one which says ‘Connected’ below the name:


Now under ‘Data Usage’, you will find two options – ‘Show my estimated data use in the Networks list’ and ‘Set as metered connection’:


Turn both ON:


Your connection has now been set to a metered connection and all your heavy background downloads will be stopped. Not only that, you can now check how much data you have consumed. To do that, follow these steps:

In your taskbar, click on the network connection sign:


Right click on the network connection that you are connected to.


  Select  Show estimated data usage.


You can choose ‘reset’  at the end of your billing cycle to keep track of your usage:


~ Mugais Jahangir