According to a report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, consumer satisfaction with their cable and Internet providers is low. In fact, satisfaction with subscription TV services dropped 3.1% last year.

Those who have cut the cord in favor of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Fire TV reported higher levels of satisfaction, though.


Among subscription TV services, the highest level of satisfaction was reported by users of Verison’s FIOS, followed by AT & T’s U-verse and DIRECTV.

DISH Network, Bright House and Charter were in the middle with Comcast, Mediacom and Time Warner at the bottom.


Consumers say the worst thing about these companies is their customer service – they give their worst scores to the call centers.

For Internet Service Provders,  AT & T came out on top again, followed by Verizon.  Comcast was at the bottom of the list again.


Customers complained that bills were hard to understand and that there wasn’t enough variety available for plans. Again, consumers saved the lowest marks for the call centers.

Wireless phone providers were better liked than cable companies and ISPs, but there were still some issues. TracFone actually topped the list, followed by Verizon. Sprint and AT &T mobility were at the bottom of the rankings.  Wireless providers scored well for in-store staff, but call center satisfaction was, once again, the biggest complaint of consumers.

Angry business woman shouting in mobile phone

Consumers were pretty happy with their phone hardware, though. Samsung and Apple topped the list of favorite device makers.  The Galaxy Note 4 & Note 3 were the favorite phones, with the iPhone Plus 6 coming in 3rd. Overall, customers liked their smartphones and didn’t really have may complaints about the quality or the ease of use.

~ Cynthia