Windows 10: Why Are My Upgrade Results Different?

Ken noticed something strange when upgraded to Windows 10. He writes: “I have upgraded 2 systems to windows 10 with no problems with the upgrade. But there was a difference in the final result. The first computer was an HP laptop with Windows 7. When I looked at the programs that were set up on the laptop I found that Microsoft Works was installed. It is a very nice program with lots of new features. Later I upgraded a Dell Tower. The upgrade went without any problems. When I looked at the list of applications that were installed, there was no Micro Works. What Happened?”


Ken, it looks like you’ve had Microsoft Works on your laptop all along. The last version of Works was released back in 2007 and it may have been included when you purchased your laptop. It isn’t part of Windows 10. Since Windows 10 is an upgrade and not a clean install, it leaves your old programs and files intact.  But since Works wasn’t previously installed on your Dell tower, you don’t see it there.

~ Cynthia


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