Evelyn  is not happy with the Pictures library in Windows. She writes:  “Microsoft forces you to save files as it thinks you should save your files. My pictures are not in the folder My Pictures but on a folder on my hard drive that varies according to what kind of picture it is… so I can only see a slide show if they are in the right folder according to Microsoft. Very user friendly. and the fact that Microstoft also saves all data on the C drive is also very safe. This should be left to the users to be defined if they want to. I am going to use something else to show my pictures…”

Microsoft does put all images it recognizes as photos in the Pictures library.  When I import images from my phone or camera, they automatically go into a file with the date on it.


But once those photos are in the photo library, I can create folders to manage them any way I choose.  For example, I could create folders by year.


Then within that folder, I could sort the images by month or however else I choose. Maybe summer or Christmas.


And within those folders, the images can be sorted by dates.


But I certainly wouldn’t be limited to making folders based on dates. I could use categories for different types of images, such as pictures I want to use for desktop backgrounds or photos of pets. I have separate folders for images I take for a cooking blog, landscapes, edited photos, family and more. There’s really no limit to how you can organize them.

You can make a slideshow from any of these folders that you create.  Actually one of the nice features of having a Pictures library is that you know where the photos are. That way it is easy to know that you’ve backed up all of your photos to an external drive. All you need to do it back up the Pictures library.

You don’t have to save images to to Pictures, just as music doesn’t have to go in Music. But I find it very helpful. That way you don’t accidentally misplace photos and songs or forget to back them up.

~ Cynthia