The folks behind this free program call it TP for your PC and there are millions of happy users who would agree with them.  PC Decrapifier helps remove bloatware and other junk that can slow down your PC.  Click this link to download.

It’s a free download for a single PC or you can choose to donate $5 to show your appreciation.  If you have a lot of PCs to take care of, consider spending $25 for the pro account. There are some extra download choices on this page, so you’ll want to avoid them and head straight to the download button below Free.


Then click Save File to save in your downloads folder.


Double-click to launch installation.


PC Decrapifier will then open a window to begin analyzing your system. Click Analyze to start.


The program will then suggest programs to be removed and show you what percentage of other users have chosen to remove it. You can then decide if you want of remove the program.  Put a check next to the programs you want gone and then click on Remove Selected.


You’ll then have the chance to review your selections before deciding to begin removal.


Once the process is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to leave feedback.


~ Cynthia