A reader is trying to figure out the best way to print an email. “I run a weekly golf game with anywhere from 20 to 36 guys participating. After I send the format for our game out to the group, I want to print a copy of the email but without the names and email addresses of all the participants. It forces me to print too many pages and I would like to reduce them if possible. Do you know of any way or command that I could get rid of the recipients before I print? I use an Epson WF-3540 in a Windows 10 environment. My ISP is Google so I am using G-mail. Thanks in advance.”

Your quickest option would be to simply select and copy all of the text from your message. Select the text and right-click. Choose Copy from the drop-down menu. Or you can press Ctrl + C.


Next, you’ll want to open up a word processing program like WordPad or Word and create a new document.


Then press Ctrl + V.  The desired text will appear in your document.


Then you can save and print your document.

~ Cynthia