Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 has some nifty new features to appeal to the avid phone photographer.  The Pro mode allows users the ability to make adjustments that are usually reserved for high-end cameras.

Most people use their phone camera alike a point-and-shoot. In fact, smartphones have taken a devastating bite out of the point-and-shoot camera market. In fact, 98% of cameras sold to consumers are built into smartphones.

If you’d like to go a bit beyond auto-focus, let’s take a look at what the Galaxy S8 Pro mode has to offer.

You’ll be able to control the ISO and shutter speed.


Exposure and color tone.


And use manual focus and white balance.


The camera also features a selective focus mode that lets you adjust the depth of field after taking the photograph.


The camera features a range of filters.


I’ve told you before how many restaurants have changed the way they plate food to appeal to phone photographers that post the images online. This camera has a special Food mode that promises to make those plates of food look even more delicious when you post them online.

How important is the quality of a camera when you purchase a phone? Or is it an afterthought? Let us know in the comments.