If you’re a subscriber to ATT U-verse, a flaw in the security of your router could put your home network at risk.

Security researcher Joseph Hutchins says he found at least five security holes in routers used by ATT U-verse.  At least one of these flaws affects every single Arris router used by ATT U-verse.


He’s not sure if the flaws are in the firmware of the routers or something to do with the programming that ATT adds to the routers before they put them into service.  These security holes could allow hackers to take control of your network and even change your password. They could also secretly reroute your Internet traffic through their own servers.

It’s believed one of the flaws originated with code that was intended to allow ATT to access your DVR.  The researcher offers some suggestions for fixing these flaws yourself. The most common flaw can actually be fixed by going to your modem’s configuration portal online. Don’t try this unless you’re pretty comfortable with tech.

If you’re interested in learning the technical details behind these flaws or how to attempt to fix them, you can click here to visit the NoMotion blog. 

ARRIS said they investigating the issue and will take any necessary action. So it’s possible that this could all be fixed with a firmware update.

Right now, unless you’re particularly tech savvy, there’s not much you can do if you’re using one of the affected devices other than wait for ATT & ARRIS to fix the problem. But, as always, be mindful if you notice anything suspicious while using the Internet.