Free office suites- what you say about them

I asked for your opinion of free office suites last week and here’s what you had to say.


“I started using OpenOffice (OO), probably around 2000, back when it was at version 1.***. I stopped using when it reached 3.0, and when Apache took over it. Many of the program “contributors” left OO and brought out a new program called LibreOffice (LO). Because OO seemed to start struggling a bit taking care of bugs and creating new updates for OO, I went with the “new” organization, which officially organized under The Document Foundation. They have taken off and left OO in their tracks. At least in my opinion. And it has spread across the world. Many companies, even city, state, and country organization have taken it as their “official” office program. And they have continued to update and come out with new features, In fact, there are now 2 “strains” of LO – one that is ahead of the other with “experimental” functions and one that is just behind it and is labeled as “stable”. I personally believe I made a good decision as I have never run into anything I wanted to do with an office suite that LO couldn’t do just as good as MSOffice. And its most outstanding feature is that it is free! I have never had any trouble with anyone that uses MSOffice having any trouble opening any of my documents, spreadsheets, etc. I save all of my work in the MSOffice format so they arrive to whomever I send them to as a MSOffice derived document. I save many of my documents, etc, to PDF format, directly from LO, just in case someone doesn’t have an office program. So, as far as I am concerned, and with the “trials” I’ve had with other “free” office suites, you can’t beat LO!”


Nancy loves Open Office:

“I’ve been using Open Office for years. I had Microsoft’s programs at work and was able to transfer files between there and home with no compatibility problems.”


Artell Kay has had no issues with Open Office, either:

“I have used this for years and using Microsoft Office. I have never had any problems using it. The price is right and use both EXCEL and WORD and both work GREAT!!!!!!!!!”

I may be the only holdout here. I don’t like working with Open Office at all.  But the great part about both Open Office and LibreOffice is that they are free. You can certainly download the suite, give them a try and see if they meet your needs.  If they don’t, you can still purchase Microsoft Office and have it downloaded to your PC in a jiffy.

Click here to learn how to download these free programs, give them a try, and let us know what you think.

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