LibreOffice Wants Businesses To Pay Up

The folks behind LibreOffice are tired of businesses using the community edition of the free Office Suite intended for home use. We told you yesterday about the new features added to the free LibreOffice 7.1. (Click here to read that tip.) However, the developers of the open-source software called out businesses for choosing to use … Continue reading LibreOffice Wants Businesses To Pay Up

LibreOffice: The Ideal USB Office Suite

Ever wished you could carry a fully-equipped office suite with you on a USB drive? I'm not talking about notepad or some basic word processor, but rather, a portable version of the incredibly popular and open source LibreOffice. LibreOffice includes Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base and Math. These programs are 100% compatible with Microsoft Office and Corel Office document formats, and operate much like Microsoft Office 2003.