Text Messaging 101: iPhones

In the first part of our article, we learned the basics about text messaging and how to send one on an Android phone. Today, We’ll learn how to send messages on your iPhone.

If you read the first article, you’ll remember that there are two ways to receive text messages on your phone. You can message by SMS (short message service) text message or by using a messaging app.

SMS messages are sent to other phone numbers via your 3G or 4G connection.  Many phone plans have a limit to the number of texts that can be sent per month.

You can also use various messaging apps to send texts.  On iPhones, you’ll use the iMessage app which can send both SMS text messages to any phone and messages to other people using the iMessage app.

SMS Text messages appear in green bubbles, while iMessages appear in blue.


To start a new message on your iPhone, open the app and tap the Compose icon.


Just like an Android phone, put in a phone number or select someone in your contacts. Then start typing in the field that says “iMessage.”

As with Android, you can also tap the microphone icon to dictate the message.


When you’re happy with the message. Tap Send.


To add a photo, tap the camera icon on the left side.



You can tap the  iphone-camera-button  icon to take a new photo and then the arrow to send. Or you can swipe to choose your photo library and select an image from there.


iMessage also has some features that you find in other messaging apps that’ll I ‘ll talk about when we explore things like Facebook Messenger in future articles.


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