Windows Store PIN

A reader commented on our article about buying software from the Windows Store:

I had never noticed that icon, how long has it been there? I just now clicked on it to see what it looks like and the first thing, they asked me for my PIN. I don’t remember ever having a PIN, when would I have gotten one and from where?

The store icon has been around for a pretty long time. Ever since Windows 8 back in 2013.  But it does look a little different these days.

Here’s the current icon for the store.


And here’s what it looked like before the Creator’s Update.


The icon is a bit more noticeable now with the splash of color.  As for the PIN number, it would be one that you assigned to your Microsoft account.  If you’ve forgotten it, you should be able to click on “forgot my PIN.” to begin the recovery process. As long as you remembered to set up your security information when you created the account or selected the PIN number, you should be able to retrieve it.


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